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"My wife and I hired the Southside Aces to play our wedding reception, and besides marrying her, it was the best decision I have ever made. Working with Tony in the months and days before our wedding was a breeze; he was responsive, punctual, and respectful on the phone, and made the process of hiring a band (which I had never done before) very easy. In the hectic day leading up to our event, Tony was again calm and punctual, and showed his professionalism and his generosity by coming hours early to set up and reworking his day to pick up and deliver a special cord used to play music through my phone. The band led my new wife and I down the stairs of the Summit Avenue mansion we had rented, playing a song they learned just for this event; my favorite song, “Higher and Higher”, by Jackie Wilson. The moment they started playing, I started smiling and didn’t stop the entire night. Throughout the evening, the band matched our guests’ energy; when the floor was calm, they played music that was easy to listen to and when a pack of children swarmed the floor, they picked up the pace and got them dancing! Toward the end of the evening, everyone gravitated toward them and they played the most upbeat, lovely and FUN version of “You Are My Sunshine” I’ve ever heard (and as a preschool teacher, I’ve heard that song at least 300 times). In the hours, days, and weeks after our event, every guest I talked to made a point to tell me how much they enjoyed the band. While many of them also complimented the venue and the food, every single guest told me that the band was incredibly talented, very unique, extremely fun, and I wholeheartedly agree with all of that! Hiring a band was a hard choice for us due to the cost difference between a full band and a DJ. We decided to make some other sacrifices in order to prioritize a band, and I am SO glad we did! Looking back on the evening, everything else is a blur; the flowers, the food…but the band sticks in my memory and makes me smile every time I reminisce. It’s worth mentioning that my wife, Elizabeth, and I are a same-sex couple, and occasionally during wedding planning when requesting quotes we would mention this in order to prevent any awkward or hurtful experiences. Tony and his band made us feel at ease immediately in this regard. It’s one thing to hire a group of professionals that are respectful and responsive, and it’s another thing to have extremely talented artists share their unique gifts with you. It’s a whole other thing to have both of those things happen in the same experience, and that’s what choosing the Southside Aces will give you." Claire

Mardi Gras Church Service

“Oh my!  We had a WONDERFUL day today!  What glorious, elegant, moving and uplifting music.  Your guys were terrific and we just loved every minute of their time at Mayflower.  I think they enjoyed it too!  Thanks for everything you did to make it easy for everyone.  It truly was easy - we just fell into synch with each other on our collaborative pieces.  Love the Aces!!!  I’ll be talking to staff this week about booking for next year!!!!"

Nancy Grundahl—Choir Director

“I just wanted to thank you again for playing at the party on New Year's Eve. All the feedback we received was ecstatic about your playing!”

Teigan—event manager

“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding. We enjoyed it so much and many guests commented on how much they liked your music! It truly made our day brighter and special!”


Memorial Service

"I have to say that as soon as I heard the band start to play I felt this overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation come over me and I knew this was perfect.  I could feel the energy of the room all come together and to lift into a mood of gentle celebration.  It was just perfect.  And the presence of all of you and your music continued to provide the perfect spirit of joy and celebration and reflection throughout the evening.  It was very evident that the band was connected to the spirit of my dad in some way. "

Son of deceased


Minneapolis Bump

“Mr. Balluff and his colleagues have followed the inner logic of traditional jazz to create these works -- they are a transmutation of an older style into something that sounds similar…but that is, nonetheless, new and different. If you see [Minneapolis Bump], buy it.”

John Beckmann — Prairie Uprising

"Mardi Gras In New Orleans"

”The long reach of the New Orleans influence, to the mid-continent, and here it is, the Land of Lakes country.”

Leigh Kamman—The Jazz Image

”A true, authentic New Orleans dance-hall style band.”

New Orleans Traditional Jazz Quarterly

How Long Blues

“A whole lot of joy in living shines through on this album…”

Joe Bebco—Syncopated Times


“Can you play Christmas music successfully in a New Orleans ensemble style? The answer is a resounding yes. This is great trad jazz even as music, but it also evokes a flood of Christmas feelings from the melancholy to the gay. Humor is certainly on order, and both lyrical and instrumental interactions will bring smiles. Even if you aren’t likely to pass through the Twin Cities you can trust that they know how to survive a cold December. Santaphone should have a place on the shelf of every trad jazz fan seeking to heat up the season.”

Joe Bebco—Syncopated Times


“Some 1500 miles from New Orleans and the Mardi Gras, and what do you think? It’s bouncing around the Mississippi River up here close to the Northern Star.”

Leigh Kamman—The Jazz Image

“The performers are virtuosi and flawlessly replicate the sound of classic New Orleans…The concert was wonderful and demonstrates the continued vitality of this sort of music.”

John Beckmann—Prairie Uprising

“...then a macabre and ingenious arrangement  of the "Imperial March" from Star Wars -- this is hard to imagine as a New Orleans flavored jazz tune, but the arrangement was excellent, snarky and grotesque.”

John Beckmann—Prairie Uprising

Southside Ace Erik Jacobson

”Sousaphone artist.”

Leigh Kamman—The Jazz Image

“The Southside Aces put on another sharp and entertaining show, demonstrating that they are terrifically talented custodians of the music that laid the foundations for the evolution of American Jazz.”

Dakota Jazz Club

"Even If you are not a jazz fan, you would have enjoyed this performance!"

Bob and Joyce Goetz—Austin Daily Herald

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